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5 famous authors who used secret pseudonyms

Pseudonyms or Pen names were popular and know the story on why famous authors used them.

“The Idea behind pseudonyms is that you can eliminate the dossier effect, where everything you're doing is being collected, archived and linked to you.”

History of Pseudonym:

In 19th century, where writing was a male - dominated profession.

The Brontë sisters used pen names (pseudonym) for their early work, so as not to reveal their gender and so that local residents would not know that the books were related to people of the neighbourhood.

To put it into a simpler sentence, Pseudonyms were used to hide identities because of certain situations that took place.

5 Authors with Pen names

This will be fun, Let's go 🚀

1. Agatha Christie - Mary Westmacott

Agatha had written 66 Detective novels and more than 16 short story collection under her name (Agatha Christie) but also wrote 6 romance novels under the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott

2. Benjamin Franklin - Silence Dogood

 In 1722, a series of “charming” letters were delivered to the New-England Courant (one of the first American newspapers) written by a middle-aged widow named Silence Dogood who was actually young Benjamin Franklin

Silence Dogood feels more like a spoof version of Sherlock Holmes LOL.

3. Stephen King - Richard Bachman

King was also known as the Master of Horror or King of Horror

He used a pseudonym because his publisher didn't allow him to publish two books a year as at that time they believed that publishing more than one book per year will saturate the author's brand.

King went on a call with the publisher and suggested that he'll use a pseudonym.

While on the call he saw Richard Stark book was on his desk, and a Bachman Turner Overdrive song was playing. He combined the two names and boom, Richard Bachman was born

He fudged the bio and used a photo of his literary agent’s insurance salesman.

Bachman had published 7 books and after readers started to suspect that it's Stephen King.

In 1985, King revealed that it's him and Richard Backman died of “Cancer of The Pseudonym."

4. Charles Dickens - Boz

Dickens created some of the world's best-known fictional characters and is regarded by many as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era. One of his novels that was under his pseudonym “Boz” was “Oliver Twist”

5. J.K Rowling - Robert Galbraith.

Joanne Rowling wrote a book called, “The Cuckoo’s Calling” under the pen name Robert Galbraith. She also wrote 5 books under the pen name Robert Galbraith.

Now that we know the Great minds who used pseudonym let's understand what are the benefits of using pseudonym.


1. Honest Feedback

Using a Pseudonym will get you all the negative and positive feedback you will want to know to improve whatever you are doing.

2. Less Stress

When an author writes a great book, the person becomes famous and brings in money for the publisher and then publisher asks author to write more books with quicker deadlines.

With pseudonym, you can start fresh which means no fans = no stress.

3. Fresh start

The Best example is J.K Rowling.

After her success with Harry Potter Series she wanted to try something new but soon her fans caught her as they suspected the writing looks similar even though the genre was Crime-Fiction.

4. Trying out something new

Come on let's be honest now. Even though we love what we do and write a book about business but deep down we know that we want to write a love story fiction book (which is basically the memoir of our First Love) Pseudonym can make it happen

Now that you know the Famous authors and benefits of pseudonym let us know what do you think about using pseudonyms in the box below.

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